Where to go?

Where To Go

For most medical problems, you should go to your regular health care provider first. You get the best care because they know you and your medical history. No matter where you go for care, be sure to bring a list of the current medications you are taking. Learn more ».

What to expect at the ED

Classes & Events

Learn when to use the emergency room and how emergency rooms see patients. Any time you feel emergency care is necessary to save a life or prevent a permanent disability call 911.Learn more »

Hospitals and clinics in Yakima.

Get control over Flu!

Yakima's community health centers have either an after-hours on-call physician or use a 24/7 hotline service that patients can call to get medical recommendations. Clinics are also working to keep acute-care patient slots open during the day so people can get same-day appointments when they call their doctor during cold and flu season. Learn more »